Not Again!

KTVU wasn't the only one to duped by a fake name, you can add Gannett owned USA Today to the list as well. 

In a story posted on WXIA's (Atlanta) website about the Zimmerman verdict, the paper talked to citizens for reaction.

One person the paper talked to was a person claiming his name was Howie Felterbush (How he felt her bush). Here is a screen shot in case WXIA gets smart enough to pull the story: 

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 6.43.17 AM.png

It seems the media continues to get punked by fake names. It is not such a big deal when it happens while covering a city council meeting, but when it is on a major story like a plane crash or a high profile trial it becomes a huge dent in the outlets credibility. 

Word of advice, say the person's name out loud and slowly. Because you never know who's trying to punk you.

Just saying....