Ummmm...Not Really Chris

When the KTVU Anchor Tori Campbell read the fakes names of the flight crew aboard Asiana Airlines Flight 214, a number of anchors contacted FTVLive wondering how she didn't catch it?

Of course it wasn't Campbell's fault that she was given a cold script to read on the air, but you would have thought that after the first two names, "Captain Sum Ting Wong and Wi Tu Lo"  she would have gotten the prank?

She didn't and the station was left with so much egg on their face they could open a Denny's. 

But, MSNBC's Chris Hayes says it wasn't her fault. He tweeted this out after seeing the video:  

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 9.02.30 PM.png

We have to strongly disagree with Chris Hayes and his assessment. Yes...we have worked with anchors that are nothing more than pretty faces that can read the words off a prompter.

But, we also worked with many anchors that not only read the words, but actually knew what they were saying.

If and anchor is just reading the words off the prompter that anchor should be fired or at least have they pay cut in half. The anchor is most often the highest paid person in the newsroom. The station deserves someone that is more than just mouthpiece.  

Maybe that's why MSNBC is struggling so much in the ratings. 

Just saying....