The Viewers Weren't Responding to me


Morning Anchor Shannon Moss was fired abruptly from her job at WMTW (Portland, ME).

What reason do the station give her for her firing? 

"I was told I was a fierce journalist with a great work ethic, but that viewers weren't responding to me," said Moss.

Of course, Moss should have seen the handwriting on the wall when her contract on expired Monday, and no one talked to her about renewing it. She was given no prior notice of her dismissal.

Moss claims that the ratings showed recently that the newscast she co-anchored had made gains. She had been at the station for 6 years.

It took the station 6 years to figure out that the viewers are not responding to Moss?! 

Moss is not burning any bridges. She says she wishes the station well and knows that TV news is "a fickle business," said Moss. 

Needless to say, WMTW's GM David Abel, would not elaborate on Moss' departure Wednesday, citing a company policy of not commenting on personnel matters.

Maybe the viewers are not responding to the way Abel is running the station.

Just saying....