A Change Again in the Weather at Miami Station


The weather keeps changing in Miami, or should we say the Weather Department keeps changing at Miami's WPLG.

WPLG made news when they hired Julie Durda from competitor WSVN and shook up the entire weather staff to fit Durda into the line up.  

Now, WPLG has hired another former WSVN (and WTVJ) weather anchor.  

Word is that Roland Steadham is joining WPLG in the near future.

No details yet on what role he’ll assume at WPLG. The hiring of Steadham  brings yet more change for WPLG’s weather team, which has been in a relative flux since new Post-Newsweek boss Emily Barr decided to step in and make changes in April of this year.

Former WPLG chief meteorologist Trent Aric, along with Scott Padgett got bounced to weekends, and replaced by Betty Davis who despite what some people think was not given the chief meteorologist title. And with Steadham’s arrival she will probably get moved to a different slot somewhere.

Steadham has a healthy history with the Miami television market. He was the chief meteorologist at WSVN for three years before jumping ship to WTVJ in 1995. Ten years later Steadham left WTVJ NBC6 in 2005 to join Salt Lake City CBS affiliate KUTV as their chief meteorologist. He was there for four years, then moved to rival KTVX until he was let go in 2012.