Sinclair Teams Up with Right Wing Website

It's a match made in Heaven... or at least on the Internet.


Sinclair has made a deal with the right wing website Newsmax to put the later's headlines on their station's website.

Broadcasting and Cable writes that it seems like a logical pairing philosophically. On Election Day eve, Sinclair aired a special in key battleground markets that “featured some of the most partisan criticisms of President Barack Obama, and spent relatively little time examining Republican nominee Mitt Romney,” said the popular (and left leaning) TalkingPointsMemo.

Sinclair of course made national news before the 2004 election, when it mandated its stations run a special questioning candidate John Kerry’s patriotism.

For its part, Newsmax calls its magazine “the one publication in America breaking news that the liberal media gatekeepers can’t censor.”

Here are the sample headlines given in a promo for the Newsmax Feed Network:

Obama Caves to Putin on Missile Shield
Boehner: I’ll Always Oppose Gay Marriage
Israelis Distrust Obama on Iran Nukes, Syria Weapons
Ben Carson: Defund Obamacare Now
Dick Morris Starts New Radio Show

Yesterday’s headlines–including “Arena Football: We Want Tim Tebow”–appear more down the middle.