Wiggling her Way Back in at NBC​ (Updated)

Maria Shriver did not leave NBC News with the words "I'll Be Back..."

But it looks like she is working on making that happen.

Shriver took a first step toward resuming that role on Monday when she did a report for NBC's “Today” show. Matt Lauer gave her some Twiiter love:

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 7.25.23 AM.png

The NY Times writes that Shriver appeared live from the Vatican, where she introduced a story about why the newly-named pope had chosen the name Francis.

"Today" used social media on Sunday night to tease Ms. Shriver's return to the broadcast. And it mentioned her at the start of the show on Monday, underscoring the significance of the moment. "To help us out with our coverage” of the new pope, “we are welcoming back a familiar face to our viewers,” Savannah Guthrie, a co-host, said as Ms. Shriver’s story began at 7:30 a.m.

Ms. Shriver was a well-known correspondent for NBC between 1986 and 2003, appearing mostly on “Dateline NBC,” the network’s prime-time newsmagazine. She took an extended leave of absence when Arnold Schwarzenegger, her husband, ran for governor of California. After Mr. Schwarzenegger won the election, she came back to “Dateline” a couple of times, but decided in 2004 that she couldn’t continue to report or anchor while also serving as first lady of California. She asked to be relieved of her duties at NBC.

Neal Shapiro, who was then the president of NBC News, said at the time, “I speak for all of us at NBC News when I say that we look forward to Maria’s eventual return.”

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Update: Shriver has also appeared on MSNBC this morning. NBC says so far she is just working Pope coverage for the network.