And the Golden Pylon Goes to....

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When you're a kid, you dream of being many things, a pro athlete, a singer, a doctor and so on. You also dream of winning awards, the Nobel Peace Prize, a Tony, Heisman Trophy and others.

But, I bet you were like a lot of kids, hoping that one day they would grow up and win the Golden Pylon Award.  I know I sure did.

Well that dream was realized last night for some LA Traffic Reporters.

The Golden Pylon Awards spotlight true-grit traffic reporters whose on-air traffic talk keeps rush-hour commuters in the know about alternatives to solo driving.

The coveted award ceremony was held last night in LA. 

5 Traffic Reporters (which means pretty much everyone in the market) walked away with the Golden Pylon.

They are:

  • California Highway Patrol Officer Jose Barrios, reporting traffic conditions on FOX 11, Univision 34, Telemundo 52, Radio Mexico and KFRN-Family.
  • Ginger Chan (pictured), transit savvy traffic reporter for KTLA-TV and 102.7 KIIS-FM.
  • Jeff Baugh, assisting the public in finding better commuting options on KNX 1070.
  • Mike O’Brien, bringing up-to-the-minute traffic info on KNX 1070.
  • Sabina Mora, helping the public “Beat the Traffic” on KHHT, KFSH, KRLA, KKLA.

Not every kid grows up to win a Golden Pylon, we're betting their Moms are so proud.