Nashville Station is Lazy or Lying


Hey, we admit that reporting on Healthcare is not the most exciting thing for most Reporters.  

But, it's still no excuse to get lazy. Or worse, just outright lie to the viewers. 

WSMV in Nashville was reporting on the Affordable Healthcare Act... if you have never heard of that because most media insist on calling it Obamacare, instead of it's real name.

Anyway, WSMV reported that they couldn't find a single person in Nashville that signed up for the new Federal healthcare. Not one person.

Here is a portion on their report: 

Now, either WSMV is pandering to the GOP or they are just plain lazy. FTVLive in less than 10 seconds in a Google search found Tennessee State University (which is located in the heart of Nashville) student Sam Rutherford.

Rutherford signed up for the insurance on Tuesday. "Some 15 years ago I was in a sledding accident that resulted in me losing a few important organs, and I've been virtually uninsurable since that time, " Rutherford said. "The cost due to my preexisting condition has been out of reach to me." 

You expect the cable nets to lean to one side or the other, but Local news stations should stick to reporting the facts and not lie to the viewers.  Let's leave the lying to the Politicians.

Shame on WSMV for either lying or being lazy. Either way they station lost their credibility if you ask us.