Mika and Joe Delay Vacation

 MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were supposed to be on vacation (what's that?) this morning. 

But, thanks to a disgusting tweet from our President, the two are sticking around to respond to the Twitter in Chief. 

President Trump did not like what the Morning Joe pair had to say about him, so as is often the case, the President veered sharply down the low road with this: 

Yep, who cares about the healthcare of a nation when you have venom to spew. 

Even the right wingers said that Trump's tweet was out of line, you know except for Sean Hannity.

Of course, Hannity has said awful things about President Obama in the past, but Obama never tweeted that Hannity had no balls and his raging big mouth was just make up for his small....whatever.  

So Mika and Joe will be back on the air this morning to respond to Trump's tweet. 

You can bet that one person will be watching and I'm sure his staff will be doing everything they can to keep him off Twitter while he does. 

The Morning Joe team also penned an opinion article for this morning's Washing Post saying that Trump is not well.  They write that Trump, " "is not mentally equipped to continue watching our show," he should stick with Fox and Friends.