Ready on the Set

This is the time of the year when stations around the country try and freshen up the news set and get ready for the Fall tv season. 

I number of stations are getting new sets this summer. 

ABC's Philly O&O WPVI debuted its new set on Monday.  The set is by Broadcast Design International.  Along with the WPVI set debut, new on-air graphics package (logo and time/temperature bug ventures out of the SD safe zone).  Plus, augmented reality weather presentation, and what looks like a move away from the chroma-key presentation.  The classic "Move Closer To Your World" music package (by the legendary Al Ham) and the Action News team (of Jim Gardner, Monica Malpass, Rick Williams, Cecily Tynan, Matt O'Donnell, Tamela Edwards, David Murphy, and others) remain in place.

Not far from Philly, WNEP rolled out the Tribune graphics (similar to those of sister stations WTTV Indianapolis, WTVR Richmond, WTKR Norfolk, and WREG Memphis).  The "Move Closer To Your World-esque" music (by Cliff Schwartz) remains.

Another Tribune station is getting a new set, as WTVR has moved off its main set, and on to a temporary set.  It'll be interesting to see whether WTVR gets the "Tribune look" set, like that of WTTV, WTKR, and KTVI St. Louis or if it'll be something different.

With WCBS-WLNY newscasts currently on a temporary set till September, while Studio 46 is getting redone... CBS has the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday, September 17, but no telling whether WCBS will debut the new set on that date, or in the days leading up to the Emmy telecast.