Back to New Haven with a Twist

For years, Geoff Fox did the weather forecast in Connecticut for WTNH.

Fox now lives in California but is returning to WTNH to do the weather, but staying in his home in California. 

Fox figured out that the future was hubbing news, so he jumped on the bandwagon early and is now hubbing weather for station's across the country (picture above)

Fox built a studio in his garage and he does weather forecast remotely to different stations. 

While he is trying to grow his one man weather operation, he took a bit of a setback we he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He just had his last chemotherapy treatment and things are looking good. 

“All my treatment is over!” he said. “No one is saying ‘cured’ or ‘in remission.’ But every outward indication says this amazing surgery did the job.” (It’s called a Whipple procedure.)

So with treatment over and a new gig at an old station, things are looking up for Fox as he stands on the future of TV news, from the middle of his garage. 

H/T New Haven Register