Someone Knocking at the Doerr in Atlanta?

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that according to sources that Steve Doerr was going to become the new News Director at Meredith's struggling WGCL in Atlanta. 

Another source says "hold on" and that Doerr has not accepted any offer from WGCL. 

Doerr was the News Director along with GM Bill Applegate that turned around WOIO in Cleveland.

Sources tell FTVLive that diva WGCL Anchor Sharon Reed has been pushing GM Mark Pimentel to hire Doerr, for who she worked with at WOIO. 

Longtime readers of FTVLive may remember that it was Doerr that talked Reed into going nude for a story about an "artist" photo shoot that was taking place in Cleveland. That's Doerr and Reed pictured together in Cleveland. 

Doerr is currently working on the dark side, in a sales job for Comcast in New York. 

Is he ready to leave the Big Apple and a cushy sales job to get back into the news game? 

Time will tell.

Stay tuned...