Former Tampa Anchor Hired in SFO

Back in April, FTVLive FIRST told you that former WTSP (Tampa) Anchor Dion Lim had been spotted talking to station suits at KGO in San Francisco. 

Sources now tell FTVLive that Lim has been hired by the ABC O&O and will be the station's new Weekend Anchor starting this Fall. 

Lim was at Tegna's WTSP and was sent packing after the station sacked a group of longtime, experienced news people to do something that no longer looks like news. 

So, Lim jumps from the city by the bay to the city by THE bay and moves from awful Tegna to ABC. 

Proving that good things happen to good people. 

No official word from ABC, but sources inside KGO say that word should be coming down soon.

Stay tuned....