1 Year and Out for Atlanta News Director

When struggling WGCL in Atlanta hired Frank Volpicella as their News Director a year ago, FTVLive had some advice for Frank

We wrote, "we hope Frank is a student of history at WGCL, and decides to 'rent' a house."

To his credit Volpicella thought he could break the WGCL curse. In his first staff meeting with the WGCL newsroom, Volpicella told them despite the advice of FTVLive, he was going to buy a house. 

He told the staff that he was in it for the long haul and was going to help turn the station around. 

Well....here we are one year later and Volpicella and WGCL are parting ways. GM Mark Pimentel has already started looking for Volpicella's replacement and is ready to move onto the next victim....errrrr News Director at the Meredith station. 

WGCL is cursed. How bad is it? Back in May, FTVLive told you that Meredith suits were whispering about just pulling the plug on the failed news operation. 

Now the station kicks another ND to the curb and moves onto the next one. 

Anyone that takes that job has to be either unemployed or just looking for a short gig. I can assure you, it will not end well for the next person either. 

Let's hope that decide to rent and not buy and listen to what FTVLive is saying.