UNBELIEVABLE! Nexstar Sells "Breaking News" Sponsorship

OK....pardon my language, but this is really fucked up.....

In a story, I could only wish I was making up, Nexstar in its never ending ways to make money has sold a "breaking news" sponsorship.

Seriously! It is happening at WRIC in Richmond. And they sold the sponsorship to an ambulance chasing law firm. 

Here is the internal memo sent to the staff and obtained by FTVLive: 

The station recently covered the shooting of a State Trooper, which will now sound like  "this breaking news of a state trooper murdered is being brought to you by the law firm of Tronfeld West & Durrett."

Just at the point when you think Nexstar and their CEO Perry Sook can't go any lower, they seem to dig the hole just that much deeper. 

This is one of the worst things FTVLive has ever had to report on, when it comes to the state of the business of TV news.