Out the Door in Cleveland

Raycom suits visited WOIO Cleveland last week and sources tell FTVLive, when they left on Friday, AM anchor Tia Ewing (pictured) and AM EP Dave Grendzynski, were fired.

Ewing has already locked down her Twitter and Instagram account and scrubbed any mention of WOIO in her bios.

There’s speculation that the end may be near for News Director Fred D’Ambrosi. He was hired by Dominic Mancuso, who Raycom parted ways with last Summer.

Last October, they hired Erik Schrader as the new GM and it now appears that Schrader is starting to put his stamp on the station. 

Ewing and Grendzynski were both D’Ambrosi hires and that never bodes well for the ND. 

Stay tuned....