Memphis Station Cuts Ties with Anchor

Sources tell FTVLive that WREG Anchor Richard Ransom was escorted out of the building after the 6PM newscast earlier this week. 

On May 25th, Ransom sent out a tweet on his station account that WREG won every newscast. 

Then on Tuesday, after being walked out of the station, Ransom sent out a tweet on his personal account saying:

Of course, since this is the communications business, let's see what WREG has to say about their top Anchor leaving? 

Ron Walter, the station's president and general manager, said they don't comment on personnel matters. He repeated the position when asked which side instigated the separation or if it was mutual.

As for who will replace Ransom after he served 13 years as anchor, Walter replied: "We'll announce that at the appropriate time." much for communication. 

WREG is one of the Tribune stations that is being taken over by Sinclair. No word if Sinclair, or any of the impending sale played a part in Ransom's ouster. 

But, the station just finished the May book at No. 1 and then the main Anchor is escorted from the building. 

Something is not right and of course the station isn't talking. It's just another prime example of the hypocrisy of local TV news. 

H/T Commercial Appeal