Confessions of a Fox News Hitman

For 14 years, Toby Smith worked as a Fox News Contributor, or as a "hitman" as he calls it. 

Now that Fox News boss Roger Ailes is dead, Smith has decided to pull back the curtain on wizard and tell people how and why Ailes ran Fox News. 

When Smith started at Fox News in 2000, he asked Ailes, “So Roger tell me…who is your Fox News target audience and what turns ’em on?”

“Toby . . . I created a TV network for people 55 to dead,” Ailes said.

He then followed up with some more questions and answers from Ailes:

Q- “What does our viewer look like?

A- “They look like me…white guys in mostly Red State counties who sit on their couch with the remote in their hand all day and night.”

Q- “What do they want to see”

A- “They want to see YOU tear those smug condescending know-it-all East Coast liberals to pieces . . limb by limb . . . until they jump up out of their LaZ boy and scream “Way to go Toby…you KILLED that libtard!”

Smith also says that Bill O’Reilly was the only on-air talent that, when you were a guest expert on this show and on the Fox payroll, told you what he wanted you to say.

He would literally come into your earpiece before your “hit” aka appearance on a Factor segment and say “Smith…here’s how it goes down. You said last time oil prices were going higher…I said lower…well they are lower and I’m going to blame the oil companies. You bit is to support them, capiche?”

Well…he was dead wrong and I told him that and his answer was “Is this the Tobin Smith show? If it is, say what you want. But if this is the O’Reilly show you give what I want.”

Fair and balanced?

Ummmmm....maybe not. 

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