Montana Station Would Not Air Audio

It might have been the biggest news to hit Montana since the arrest of Unabomber Ted Kaczynski and yet one station in Montana all but ignored the story. 

GOP House candidate Greg Gianforte was witnessed attacking Reporter Ben Jacobs and Jacobs even had a recording of the attack on his tape recorder. 

Yet,  NBC affiliate KECI would not air the recording for their viewers. “NBC Montana takes pride in reporting only verifiable facts from independent, reliable sources, officials and documents, regardless of what is reported by other media outlets,” anchor Laurel Staples explained to the 10 p.m. audience. (A similar statement appeared in KECI’s online reports.)

Huh? So when the station says, "only verifiable facts from independent, reliable sources, officials..." their saying they believe what an official says, but not a fellow Journalist? 

What's up with that?!

This was an attack witnessed by other news organizations, including Fox News and was also caught on audio by Jacobs as he was being thrown to the ground. 

And yet, the station refused to air the audio. 

Some would argue that the audio in itself was news, but the station ignored it. 

It is here that we should point out that KECI was recently purchased by the far right media group Sinclair. Now things are started to make more sense.

But KECI GM Tamy Wagner told HuffPost in an email that the station “did not have specific instructions or any instruction from Sinclair,” in its handing of the Gianforte story.

Do you believe that? 

KECI's slogan is, "getting the facts right."  It appears that "right" is the keyword here. 

They should fit in the Sinclair family just perfectly.  

H/T HuffPo