Hannity Goes on Vacation

Sean Hannity has gone on vacation and the conspiracy is he was forced to do it by his bosses at Fox News. 

Remember, Bill O'Reilly went on vacation and never came back. 

So is this the end of Hannity?

The answer is no. 

the truth of the matter is that Sean Hannity really is on vacation and he really is coming back.  The same might not be said for some of his advertisers. 

A number of Hannity advertisers are taking a "vacation" from his Fox News show, because they have just now figured out the guy is an idiot. 

Hannity has gone on Fox News night after night and spewed his hate for all people that don't think like him and somehow, a few of his advertisers are just figuring this out now. 

Sean Hannity is all that Fox News has left. They are not going to let their last remaining star go and companies that are pulling their ads, because of pressure from the left and no better than he is. 

If you stood for Hannity before, you should stand for him now. If you're company that bows so easy to pressure from the right or the left, then you are a company I don't want to deal with. 

When you placed your ads on his Fox News show, you knew what his message was. You loved the fact that you were getting exposure on a high rated show. But, the second there is some push back, you pull your ads and run and hide. 

I might not like the message that Sean Hannity preaches to his viewers, but I think he has every right to say it.

An advertiser gets to choose where they want to place their money, but you should do so with commitment and integrity.

If you don't like the message, don't place your ad there. But, don't jump back and forth....it makes you look spineless as a company. 

As much as I don't like what he says, I stand with Sean. 

See you back on Tuesday Mr. Hannity.