EXCLUSIVE: Hiring Freeze at ABC O&O's

With the big time layoffs that went down at ESPN, it should come as no surprise that the ABC O&O's are feeling the budget pinch as well. 

Sources tell FTVLive that many ABC O&O's have been told they are under a hiring freeze until the Fall. Disney, which owns both ESPN, ABC and the O&O's has been trying to reign in costs.

Disney made cuts at their theme parks in 2016 as they have seen attendance drop. Then the budget ax hit ESPN, which has seen costs go up, while subscribers have gone down. 

Now, the O&O's are feeling the budget belt get tighter. But, so far the O&O's have not had to undergo any massive layoffs. The hope is that the hiring freeze, will pocket enough money for them to avoid cuts. 

Stay tuned....