On The Road Again....

It is likely that as you are reading this, FTVLive is on the road headed from northeast Florida to southwest Florida, or what I like to call....the most boring drive in the world.

I'm headed to the Ft. Myers area for two meetings and to play in a golf qualifier on Thursday and a tournament from Friday - Sunday. Then it will be back in the car for the most boring drive back to FTVLive World HQ.

While I will still be monitoring my email and messages, THE FTVLive Intern will be doing most of the heaving lifting on the website for the next couple of days.

Rory, FTVLive's VP of Cuteness is joining me on the trek to southwest Florida and will be doing his best to make sure we get in a little beach time while we are there. 

So, let's hand this off to THE Intern and let him drive the site, while we make the boring drive.