Attorney Suing Fox News Reacts to Ailes' Death

Attorney Douglas Wigdor is representing over 20 people that are involved in lawsuits against Fox News or Fox Television.

He released a statement to FTVLive, about the sudden death of Roger Ailes:

"The sudden passing of Roger Ailes will make it difficult for Fox News to refute the allegations against him as his testimony was not secured by sworn testimony to date.  For example, our client Lidija Ujkic claims in her complaint pending in the Southern District that Mr. Ailes made the following comments: (i) insisting that President Obama is a Muslim who had ulterior motives and was working with terrorists; (ii) discussing the Fox News recipe for success as showing women from the feet up; (iii) asking Ms. Ujkic to stand up and turn around so he could see her from behind and commenting that he liked what he saw; and (iv) calling her ex-boyfriend and asking whether she “put out” and “how’s the sex.”"