Shake Up at MSNBC?

Thanks to the Trump White House, MSNBC has been enjoying some of its best ratings in years. 

So, some might be surprised (although some might not be) that MSNBC maybe looking to shake things up. 

The Huffington Post says that Lawrence O’Donnell’s contract is up in a few weeks and the network has not approached him about re-upping. O’Donnell’s show,”The Last Word,” is second best rated at the network, behind “The Rachel Maddow” show in both numbers and time slot.

O’Donnell has even turned to Twitter to try and get more viewers to tune in. 

A spokesman for NBC News declined to comment on “ongoing negotiations.” Although, multiple sources from inside and outside the network have told HuffPost that no negotiations have taken place.  

So, let's get this straight....MSNBC's ratings are at record highs. O’Donnell's ratings are strong as ever and MSNBC is thinking about not renewing him?

I'll never understand cable news.