Managers Running from Orlando Fox O&O

WOFL, the Fox O&O in Orlando is having a hard time keeping their news managers. 

FTVLive first told you that dayside EP David Page told people he's had enough of this place, and walked out of the station. 

Page had replaced Morning Executive Producer Josh Langel. Langel left when he was arrested on child porn charges. 

Sources now tell FTVLive that Assistant News Director Steve Linden is leaving the station after less than two years on the job. 

And....we hear that popular popular nightside Executive Producer Phil Landeros may also be headed for the exit. 

That means the station will have lost their morning EP, dayside EP, nightside EP and Assistant News Director all at basically the same time. 

The Firm can't be happy that the station can't seem to hold onto their managers. 

Stay tuned....