Could A Woman Soon Be Running Fox News?

It what can only be seen as a major blow to the all boys club AKA Fox News, word is that FNC's parent company is looking for a lady. 

THR reports that 21st Century Fox is looking for a new leader of Fox News, "And the preference, according to two sources familiar with the Murdochs’ thinking, is that the new leader be female." 

It would be a wise move by the Murdoch's which has been dealing with the Roger Ailes fallout for almost a year. The Ailes culture of sexual misconduct and guys rule has permeated deep into the network and FNC's parent company has been doing all they can to clean it up. 

Ailes gone, O'Reilly gone and FNC president Bill Shine might soon be joining them. 

THR writes, when Murdoch elevated Shine last fall, the move rankled some at Fox News, especially women, who saw Shine as complicit in the sins of the past. When new payouts to women who complained about O’Reilly came to light April 1, that unease deepened, said one Fox News source. Shine was said to have been a staunch defender of keeping O’Reilly, with whom he worked for two decades. He also appeared to side with O’Reilly last fall when Megyn Kelly complained to Fox News executives about O’Reilly’s public statements admonishing her for speaking out about her personal experiences of sexual harassment at the hands of Ailes. (Ailes has denied all of the allegations against him.)

The idea that the Murdoch's maybe looking for a woman to take over at Fox News is a good one. In less than a week after Bill O'Reilly was sacked, his protege Jesse Watters was making a lewd comment about Ivanka Trump on the air (Watters denies that his comment was lewd).

Almost the entire staff has gone through mandatory HR training on how to act in the workplace. Yet, some females at Fox News tell FTVLive that many of the men have poked fun at the training and the culture hasn't changed. 

"It's like they are blaming the women that work here for all of this," said one Fox News staffer to FTVLive. 

If the Murdoch's do pick a woman to lead Fox News, it could be the biggest step yet to changing the culture and a major hit to the all boys club.

Stay tuned.....