Out the Door in Tulsa

Sinclair owned KTUL in Tulsa posted a story on their website that might have a few viewers scratching their head. 

This is what the station posted:

We want to let you know about a member of the KTUL family who’s leaving us.

Chief Meteorologist Mike Collier has resigned after more than 16 years with the station.

Mike came here as a teenager and literally grew up at Channel 8. His resignation comes as a surprise -- we were looking forward to many more good years. We’re not sure what he plans to do next, but we thank Mike for his service and wish him all the best.

Does the station really not know what Collier's plans are and why he quit? 

Sources tell FTVLive that Collier is crossing the street and headed over to Scripps owned KJRH. 

Stay tuned and we'll see if we're right. But, we can say we're right in this being one of the most awkward good bye posts we have ever seen on a station's website. 

We wonder, when he crosses the street will still be considered a "member of the KTUL family"?

Just asking....