Investigation Continues Into Dead Weatherman's Possible Role in Rape

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that police in Maine are looking into the possible connection between  a rape that happened and if WCSH Weatherman Tom Johnston had been involved in it?

Johnston was reported missing and was later found dead of an apparent suicide.

And, while the local TV stations are not reporting the story, police are looking into the case of a sexual assault and whether or not that Johnston was involved?

Word is that after the rape victim spoke to police, cops then went to WCSH and spoke to managers at the station.

Police also went to his house and it was then that his significant other reported him missing, according to sources. 

Police are still interviewing people about the assault and said that they will not discuss the case as it is an open investigation. 

Staff at WCSH have been told "not talk about the Johnston situation."