What the Eck?

It's the end of an era for an FTVLive competitor.....

Kevin Eck is signing off as Editor of TVSpy and headed back home to San Francisco. Eck oversaw TVSpy for the past 7 years and is taking a job with a Bay Area tech company that he hopes turns into the next Google. 

Despite the fact that Kevin and I were competitors, we always respected each other and loved giving each the needle. 

I always liked to say that Kevin talked to the Fox O&O PR people, so we didn't have to. 

He was also the guy that would email you to say congrats on a big scoop and was never afraid to admit that FTVLive beat him on a story. 

"While we were sometimes out reported at TVSpy, we were never out spelled," said Eck cracked.

Our retort....take out the word "sometimes" and change it to "always" and we agree with that statement. 

He says that he is looking forward to the new chapter in his life, but says, " I will continue to read TVSpy and FTVLive, because I'll always care about local TV."

As he writes his final post for TVSpy later Today, Kevin tells us it will then be, "time for me to join anchors and reporters everywhere and spend more time with my family."

And as every News Director likes to end the goodbye memo, we wish Kevin best of luck in his next adventure.