Norfolk Deuce is Out after Less Than a Year (Updated)

It seems that News Managers are not staying around at WTKR in Norfolk. 

The latest to announce he's leaving, is Assistant News Director Justin Joseph. Joseph has spent less than a year at the station and has decided he's headed back to Denver after the book ends. 

Here is the internal email, obtained by FTVLive: 

I wanted to let everyone know that Justin Joseph will be leaving us at the end of March to head back home to Denver.  His partner's former hospital is building a new MRI unit and the hospital asked Josh to come back to open it.  After much thought, they decided it was an opportunity they couldn't pass up.  In the meantime, Justin will volunteer with his family's charity event, Urban Nights.

I can't thank Justin enough for what he has done for the station this past year. He worked tirelessly to help us become more organized and competitive in the market. His leadership in the newsroom helped us through a hurricane, snow storm, and an historic presidential election.

We have already begun the search for his replacement and hope to have some exciting news to share soon.  Justin's last day will be March 28th.

Please join me in wishing Justin much success as he heads home to Denver.

Ryan Minnaugh
News Director

Joseph isn't the only one going. An EP is already gone from the station but is still on the payroll for a few weeks. Sources say the Executive Producer brought up some valid concerns to Minnaugh during the station's blizzard coverage. Instead of addressing the concerns, word is that Minnaugh told the EP he was, "relieved of duty" know because TV news is like the Army. 

Anyway, the EP has not returned to the station and the staff has been told nothing about where the EP is, or if he's coming back? 

He's not. 

Sadly, the staff is finding this out from reading this story and not from management.

Don't you just love TV news? 

Updated: Joseph emailed FTVLive to say that he fulfilled his one year commitment at the station before moving on.