Tampa GM Jokes About Shooting Tegna VP

FTVLive's favorite Tegna General Manager does not seem very happy with one of the VP's at Tegna. 

FTVLive obtained an email exchange between WTSP (Tampa) GM Elliott Wiser (pictured) and WTLV (Jacksonville) GM Rob Mennie from a couple of weeks ago. 

Wiser first emails Mennie, "Having fun yet?".

Mennie replies "Living the dream, how about you?"

Wiser responds "About to shoot Frank Mungeam...what's the opposite of useful?"

Now, Frank Mungeam is the VP of Digital for Tegna and by all accounts a good guy. As to why Wiser wants to "shoot" him, we don't know?

FTVLive did report that Tegna sent consultants into Wiser's station to try and get them to focus more on digital. 

Not sure if that is why Wiser wants to shoot one of the corporate bosses or not?

Either way, if I'm Frank Mungeam, you might want to wear a bulletproof vest the next time you visit WTSP in Tampa.

Just saying....