The Reporter and The Cop

Yesterday, FTVLive told you about Odessa Police Sergeant Jesse Garcia who "resigned" from his job after an internal investigation. 

One of those violations, drinking in a bar with a KOSA Reporter, taking her for a ride in the police car and bringing her to the station. 

KMID did a story about the cop's resignation and mentioned the "Reporter" several times, but never said her name. 

FTVLive has learned that KOSA Reporter that was part of the investigation into Sgt. Garcia's actions KOSA's DeAnn Lopez. 

The investigation showed that Garcia was drinking in a bar with the Lopez, giving her rides in his patrol car and bringing her into the police station. He is also accused of tipping her off to active police investigations. 

In her KOSA news bio, it says, "Her experience taught her better news judgment...." and also adds, "If you see her around town don’t be shy to spark up a conversation with her."

It appears that is what one ex-police Sergeant did and now, he's out of a job.