Juliet Huddy: Ailes is Not My Godfather

Earlier Today, FTVLive posted a story about WNYW Anchor Juliet Huddy signing off from the Fox O&O station. 

FTVLive wrote: "Huddy anchored her last show for WNYW's Good Day last Thursday. In a strange move she showed up on the air this morning, just to say goodbye. In case you didn't know, Huddy is the goddaughter of former Fox News chief Roger Ailes."

Huddy, took issue with FTVLive's report and tweeted this: 

So, where did FTVLive got this lame brain idea that Huddy was Roger Ailes goddaughter, and what about our research? 

Well, it started with Wikipedia which has this entry, "She joined Fox News in March 1998 as a reporter at the Miami bureau, but later on moved to the New York studios where she presented a variety of news programs and occasionally filled in for E.D. Hill on Fox & Friends during the week. Huddy is the goddaughter of Roger Ailes."

In fact just typing, "juliet huddy roger ailes goddaughter" into Google brings up pages of results that claim that Huddy is the Goddaughter of Ailes.

Some of those sites go back over 3 years with this information. 

It seems that when Roger Ailes was the Fox News kingpin, Huddy didn't mind the fact that it was reported that Ailes was her Goddaughter.

Now that Ailes is gone from Fox News and has been accused of sexual harassment by a number of employees at FNC, she wants you to know that her Godfather is Uncle Bruce. 

We stand corrected.