Greta: Fox News Has Not Felt Like Home

This morning, Fox News put out a press release that basically told Greta Van Susteren not to let the door hit her in the ass on the way out. 

The network said that Brit Hume was taking over Greta's spot and that they wished her well. 

14 years at the network and you get a one liner in a press release. 

While the news broke, Van Susteren remained silent and said nothing other than a few "thank you" on her often active Twitter account. 

Over the long holiday weekend, Van Susteren never let on that she was leaving Fox News. But, Today, she took to Facebook to say that she made her mind up to leave Fox News on Thursday night. 

She also took a swipe at the network, saying that he hasn't "felt like home" for the past few years. Here is what she posted:

Still, the idea that after 14 years, she did not want, or was not allowed to say goodbye to viewers, just doesn't sit right with us. 

Many think that Van Susteren is headed back to CNN, or most likely HLN. Van Susteren worked at CNN before going to Fox News. In fact it was CNN that gave Van Susteren her big TV break. 

She was used by CNN as a legal expert doing the network's OJ Simpson trial coverage. Now, it appears she is heading back to the company that helped launch her TV career.

Stay tuned...