Ailes Hires Lawyer to take on NY Magazine

It seems that former Fox News boss Roger Ailes has grown tired of the seemingly endless articles about him by Gabriel Sherman in NY Magazine.

Ailes has hired attorney Charles Harder, who sent a threatening letter on Ailes' behalf to New York magazine/Sherman.

"New York Media and Gabriel Sherman were contacted by Charles Harder on behalf of Roger and Elizabeth Ailes, asking that we preserve documents related to the Ailes, for a possible defamation claim," a spokeswoman for the magazine said Monday.

Elizabeth Ailes is the wife of the former Fox News chief.

"The letter sent by Harder was not informative as to the substance of their objections to the reporting," the spokeswoman added. "Sherman's work is and has been carefully reported."

CNN reports that the legal letter arrived via email on Friday, hours after that article was published on

The letter may foreshadow a defamation suit by Ailes, or it may just be an intimidation tactic.

Sherman declined to comment.

Harder did not respond to a request for comment on Monday.

Sherman's most recent story asserts that the executives both above and below Ailes looked the other way while he engaged in "predatory" behavior inside Fox News.

Fox News has no connection to the legal letter sent by Harder on Friday. Ailes is now operating on his own.

He is known to have two other lawyers: Susan Estrich, who is based in California, and Mark Mukasey, who is based in New York.