Whine Enough, You Get a Promotion

When Kelly Ripa pitched a hissy fit over the fact that her bosses at ABC did not tell her that Michael Strahan was leaving "Live", you would have thought she would have been disciplined.

Instead, she got promoted. 

Ripa called in sick to work, even though she was not sick, to protest the fact that she was kept out of the loop. 

ABC has now made Ripa an Executive Producer on Live. You know to reward her for acting like a little baby. 

According to Page Six the others staffers that work on Live, are not happy because they have to work harder. 

“The team had fewer days off this summer than they usually do,” said a source close to production. “Most shows are on hiatus in August and [the ‘Live’ team] ended up working.
They did more shows in August than they normally would have.”

Oh the horror! You mean people had to work? That's awful.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm not feeling much sympathy for the workers at Live, but maybe that's just me.