Like Nothing You Have Ever Seen Before

A Louisiana station says that they are launching a new 4PM newscast this week and they make the same broken promise that every station does. 

In the release, KSLA (Shreveport), LA) says, "KSLA News 12 is debuting a new style of newscast unlike any other you've seen before."

Really? So what does this never before seen newscast plan to offer? 

For a start, both Anchors can fold their arms, which has never been seen. 

The station says, "KSLA News 12 Now at 4:00 will bring viewers the latest on top local stories, developing news, breaking news and interesting content from around the country and world."

Well Damn! We have never seen something like this before!

They then add, "The show will focus on what's happening "now" and will allow viewers to be more informed than ever by showing them the news as it unfolds before their eyes. It's new, it's different, and it's Coverage You Can Count On."

So this brand new never ever seen before show, still uses the very tired, "Coverage You Can Count On" phrase.