Dancing With the Liar

I have to admit, I have never watched a single minute of Dancing with the Stars on ABC.  But, I might have to start tuning in, he people are going to start rushing the stage. 

It seems that two men were not happy with Olympic liar Ryan Lochte on the show and they jumped on stage and started heading towards Lochte. The men were tackled by security in move that would make an NFL coach proud. 

Lochte had just finished his performance with partner Cheryl Burke when the men, wearing anti-Lochte T-shirts, jumped onto the stage.

Los Angeles police said they arrested Sam Sododeh, 48, and Barzeen Soroudi, 40, both of Los Angeles, on trespassing charges. The two men had tickets but were not wearing the t-shirts when they first entered the studio, according to police. The show is broadcast live from CBS Television City in Hollywood, but airs on ABC.

"We want to publicize that this is a bad decision to have a liar be publicized as a star," one of the suspects was heard saying before being taking away by police.

Publicizing liars on TV......Ummmm hello?! What about Trump and Clinton?

Just saying....

Here's video of one of the men being arrested.