The Clinton Collapse

On a day that was suppose to remember the victims of 9/11, it turned into an episode of the doctors on cable news channels. 

Hillary Clinton reportedly fainted at a memorial for 9/11 and TV news quickly forget about the victims and went into Clinton overdrive. 

Fox News Reporter Rick Leventhal was the first to tweet the news about Clinton's "medical episode" and at that point every talking head on cable became and expert in the medical field. 

The media right had Clinton on death's door, while the left said it was nothing. The truth lies somewhere in between.

Clinton's health will be in the news cycle for most of this week. Questions will be raised and speculation will run wild. 

Former KENS (San Antonio) Anchor Chris Marrou posted this to Facebook:

“Okay, some people didn’t want to believe it when Hillary coughed for four minutes, but you’re just kidding yourself if you think it’s going away.”

“I spent 40 years covering the news and I know a coverup when I see one. The Democrats are going to have to admit soon that they have a nominee who is literally not healthy enough to be president, even if she survives to January 20. If she is elected that means you’ll have Huma Abedin, her chief of staff, running the country, with parents who love muslim terrorists and who edited an almost-terrorist magazine for years, or Tim Kaine, about whom you know nothing except that he is quite willing to be a Clinton stooge.”

This is what viewers are in for. 

As for solid reporting, with the truth and no hype, sadly, I don't think such a channel exist anymore. 

Good luck.