Nexstar Station to Pull Plug on Newscast for Pay to Play Show?

Not sure if Nexstar owned KLAS in Las Vegas has told the news staff yet, but it appears that station is going to pull the plug on their 4PM newscast and replace it with a pay to play "lifestyles" show that will include some news. 

The station has placed an ad for Host for Lifestyle Show that will air Mon-Fri from 4 to 5PM. 

Let's hope that station management has told 4PM New Now Anchors Christianne Klein and Paul Joncich that their newscast seems to be adding a "Host".

It appears that between news and weather segments, according to the job ad, the Host will conduct live and taped interviews, participate in product demonstrations and produce segments in the field.

Host will also recruit, book and pre-interview guests.

No word if the "real" news Anchors will be asked to pitch product as well? 

Here's a link to the Nexstar job posting, you know if you have no soul and want to pitch products.