The Secret Society of Female Newscasters

Yesterday, FTVLive put up a Facebook post made by KSBW (Monterey) Reporter Bianca Beltran.

Beltran made the post on a Facebook page dedicated to "Female Newscasters". She wanted to buy a dress that was made by Ivanka Trump and did like the fact that she would be giving money to anyone named Trump.

So basically, she was looking for someone to give her the OK to buy the dress. 

FTVLive posted the story and that set off a fire storm. 

The woman that started the "Female Newscasters" Facebook group wanted us to know that it was a "secret group" on Facebook and demanded that we tell her who sent the screen shot?

Ummmm....yeah we'll get right on that. 

Well, it appears that the Secret Society of Female Newscasters believe the leak to FTVLive came from someone that works outside of a top 100 market. 

So the ladies are getting ready to start another "Super Secret Society" (wait! is it still a secret if I just told you?) that will only include female talent that is in market 100 or higher. 

Which means that female Anchors and Reporters in Davenport, IA and Myrtle Beach, SC are not welcome in the Super Secret Society.

Which we guess is ok, because if you are in that small of a market, you can't afford Ivanka Trump clothes anyway.

Here's the screen shot of the top 100 talk and no, we are not going to tell the Secret Society who sent it to us.