Pushed Out at The Firm

It seems that the Fox O&O (AKA The Firm) in Texas decided to boot a popular Reporter a week before his wife is due to give birth to their baby. 

Nick Spinetto, who reported for Austin's KTBC's Good Day Austin was called into the corner office last Thursday and told his contract was not being renewed and he is out. 

Spinetto asked his bosses if he could come to work on Friday to say goodbye to his co-workers. He showed up and gave "thank you" cards to the entire morning show staff. He gave cards to people in front and behind the camera.

As one staff said, "I have NEVER been given a "thank you card" by on air staff. He treats every one like an equal and no matter what went wrong he was always a pro."

Tears flowed as Spinetto said his goodbyes and walked out of the station. His wife is due to give birth in just days to their baby and Spinetto is now looking for work. 

"They (The Firm) throw you out like trash. Except in this case, the "trash" was a great, well respected reporter, who is having a baby in a matter of days," said one staffer to FTVLive.

For a company that is dealing with the whole Roger Ailes mess, you would think at some point, they might start treating their staff better. 

Just saying....