Phoenix Anchor is M-I-A

Viewers have been wondering where KPHO Morning Anchor Carlos Diaz has been.

Diaz has been missing from the morning newscast for a a couple of weeks and the station's latest promo for Wake Up Arizona, has cut Diaz from the spot. 

While Diaz bio is still listed on the station's website and KPHO isn't saying anything, sources tell FTVLive that Diaz is gone. 

"He had 90-days left on his deal - they told him to leave now," says one high placed source to FTVLive.

Word is that the station is revamping the morning show which has been struggling in the ratings. 

Always amazing when a station hires a new Anchor we hear all about them, their family and how happy they are to be coming to the area. When they leave? Bupkis from the station. 

You just gots to love the communications business.