General Manager Tells Staff Not to Help Poor People

TV news personalities know what it's like to make public appearances. You are asked to stop by some event and press the flesh and smile. 

It's just part of the job. 

The company wants you to be involved in charities and events that make the station look good. 

So, it was a bit head scratching when we saw this memo from a GM at a Sinclair station. 

A few staffers at WOAI/KABB in San Antonio thought it would be a good idea to collect some school supplies to help some under privileged kids, before they had back to school.

Seemed like a good idea and it appeared that a number of staffers at the station were more than ready to lend a hand. 

Now, a group at the station, decides to help out some poor kids with school supplies, how can anyone have a problem with that? 

Well, WOAI/KABB GM John Seabers seemed to have a problem with it. 

FTVLive obtained this memo, where Seabers tells the staff that this project is not big enough for him and that the station, "should be coordinating these efforts to accomplish a larger goal."

In other words, screw the poor kids, it's not going to give the station enough publicity. 

Kind of warms your heart doesn't it?

Here's the email from Seabers putting the kibosh on the whole help the poor kids drive.