Jacksonville News Director Threatens Legal Action

Cox owned WJAX in Jacksonville did a story about some local pools that were shut down by the Florida Department of Health.

A coach that works at the pools, thought the WJAX report was not accurate and sent an email to residents, telling them not to believe the report they saw on the news:

"CBS 47/FOX 30 Action News is well known in town for their sub-standard reporting and sensationalism..." Ouch!

Well, WJAX News Director Bob Longo did not like the email bashing his station's reporting and he threaten to go all Judge Judy on the coach:

From: "Longo, Robert (CMG-JacksonvilleTV)" 
Date: August 24, 2016 at 3:09:10 PM EDT
Subject: Request to Cease & Desist & Issue An Apology

My name is Bob Longo – I am the News Director at Action News Jax. Our newsroom received the email that I have attached below – which clearly slanders us. We request an immediate re-issue email to all members who received it, apologizing for your misrepresentation. Our reportage stands, was accurate and based on health department findings. The fact you didn’t like the light it put you in does not make it false or us incorrect. We have updated our online story to include the “final” minutes – not the draft.
I am requesting your immediate reply to this email and assurance you will issue the email apology – with a cc to me. If I do not receive word of this by 5pm today, I will contact our parent Cox lawyers and begin legal proceedings immediately.

No word if the coach complied with Longo's email, but we're guessing that Mr. Longo will not be taking a dip in the pools anytime soon. 

Just saying....