The Fox News Sock Puppets?

Yesterday, FTVLive pointed you to part of Fox News Andrea Tantaros lawsuit against the network. 

In the suit, Tantaros claims, "it is common knowledge within the industry that TVNewser was created and controlled by Ailes." 

Now, FTVLive is fairly certain that TVNewser was not created by Fox News and Roger Ailes.

As for the site being controlled by Fox News? That part might be a bit murky. 

Just the part, saying it is "common knowledge within the industry", seems to show the fact that many inside Fox News believe that FNC has power and control over the site. 

We don't know the inner workings of TVNewser so we can't tell you for sure. What we can tell you is, 5 days ago Fox News sent FTVLive a press release about Anna Kooiman (yeah, I never heard of her either) leaving FNC. The press release was sent to us, almost an hour after they sent it to TVNewser.


So while TVNewser may or may not be controlled by Fox News, there is no doubt that they are one of the networks pets. 

Yesterday, the site posted a story saying that it is not true and that Fox News does not control them. 

But, the idea that people think that, might just show how big a problem that is.

As for FTVLive, no one has accused us of being controlled by any network or company. We are known for giving you the story honestly, straight forward and no punches pulled. 

And that my friends, is how it will stay.