Trump's Advice to Women that are Sexually Harassed

If I were Donald Trump's advisors, my advice to the candidate would be to shut your mouth and not open it again until after the election. 

While Trump spent much of yesterday trying to defend his nasty comments to the Khan family and his total lack of knowledge on Russia, he decided to step in it one more time. 

Trump was asked about the sexual harassment allegations against former Fox boss Roger Ailes and his advice to his daughter Ivanka if she was sexually harassed at work? 

“I would like to think she would find another career or find another company if that was the case,” he said.

Yep, don't complain, don't speak up, just quit your job, don't worry about your bills and just go find another company to work for. 

The guy lives in fantasy land. 

Kristen Powers writes in USA Today, that most women don’t have the financial resources of Ivanka. They can’t afford to quit their job without another in hand, something that is impossible to do when you are under contract and forbidden to speak to competitors. Most importantly, why should a woman be expected to upend her career just because she ended up in the crosshairs of some harasser?

Trump's theory appears to be guys will be guys and if they harass women, so be it, girls just need to take it, or go find another job. 

And still, there is 40% of the people that think he should be President.