Record July for FTVLive

While the networks and cable nets like to crow about their ratings and viewers, FTVLive rarely takes the time to do so about us.

So, if you will indulge us for a bit.

FTVLive just came off a monster moth in July. Our page views were up over 5000% compared to last July.

Back on June 3rd, FTVLive had as many page views for 2016 as we had in all of 2015. In other words, it took half a year for us to reach the same numbers we had all last year. 

First we have to thank the FTVLive sponsors that have made this website possible. And then, we must thank all of you for telling your friends, co-workers and family about FTVLive. 

This site is for people that work in TV news, but it surprises us how many just regular viewers read FTVLive each and everyday. 

To all of you that send us tips and links, thank you! You guys are the eyes and ears of this website.

FTVLive digs well past the press releases and PR bullshit and reports the stories, the other won't touch and breaks the stories that the others will follow.  

FTVLive has become such a success because of all of you and for that I thank each and everyone of you for reading this website.