Crossing the Street In Rochester

One of the most popular Weather Anchors in Rochester, NY is jumping to the competition. 

Longtime WROC Meteorologist Scott Hetsko is moving over to WHAM in September. 

The news of Hetsko's departure was announced on WROC's website on Monday afternoon.

"I'm excited about it," said Hetsko, WROC's chief meteorologist, on Monday evening. "It's going to be great for me, for my wife and kids."

The Democrat and Chronicle writes that Hetsko said he will be anchoring the weather slot during the 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. newscasts and performing other duties for WHAM during the day.

He said he's happy to be doing what he loves and said WHAM's weather team will remain intact.

Hetsko said the outpouring of support for him after WROC announced he was leaving was uplifting.

"I'm a guy who would rather not have all this attention, but it's nice to know that people love what I do," he said. "And I want them to know I'm not going somewhere else, they will still be able to see me."

Hetsko had returned to the air in February following an extended medical leave and a heart transplant in September.

WROC GM Louis Gattozzi, said management did everything they could to try to persuade Hetsko to stay (Why doesn't FTVLive believe that?). 

In a post to Facebook on Monday afternoon, Hetsko said "Family first and always! My last day on News 8 will be next Wednesday, August 10th. Then I'm on the beach until September. See you on another station soon."

Stacey Pensgen will become WROC's Chief Meteorologist effective Aug. 10.