WPIX Cancels Newscast, Drops Anchor

Sources tell FTVLive that Tribune owned WPIX has decided to pull the plug on a newscast they launched just 8 months ago.

Word is that WPIX is dumping their 6:30PM newscast that they launched in January of this year. 

The 6:30 is anchored Brenda Blackmon and Kaity Tong. 

"With such a rich history in the market, Brenda and Kaity will be a powerhouse anchor duo at 6:30pm, the only local news in New York, "said Rich Graziano GM at the time of WPIX. 

Since then, Graziano was kicked to the curb and word is the same thing will be happing to Blackmon.

Sources tell FTVLive that Managing Editor Chris Knowles was also handed a pink slip.  

Watch this video of the station telling viewers about this new, totally great, trending awesome show that they now canceled: